1. A single point – single login, Content Management System (CMS) based interface shall be developed for Skill Development Mission to manage all the programs, schemes and activities. The CMS will empower the Skill Development Mission member to easily manage the Web Portal Links without depending on technical experts.
  2. All stakeholders of Skill Development Mission including Skill Development Mission Officials, State Project Management Unit, District Project Management Unit, Training Partner, Training Center and other Department Officials shall have the access to the portal through individual logins and with custom menus.
  3. Relevant information like menus, links and MIS reports shall be available in the logins as per defined hierarchies and roles & responsibilities.
  4. CMS supports Unicode which allows user to create bilingual web portal
  5. Single portal enables the Monitoring and evaluation of all the programs.
  6. The Skill Development Mission Management System (SDMMS) shall be configured to handle above requirements of the mission