The Skill Development Mission Management System will assist any state to conduct all Skilling activities (Centrally Sponsored State Run, State Sponsored State Run) as per the guidelines of NSDC and MSDE. SDMMS is helping

  1. Missions to manage entire flow of the Skilling ecosystem
  2. Skill Development Center to mobilise, enrol, mark attendance for normal and residential courses, internal-external assessments, certification, employment assistance, recording employment details, tracking the employment for certain period, generate invoices, track the invoices, upload the payment details, etc.
  3. Learners to see the courses details, search for the courses, show interest for the courses, see nearby centers, see facilities provided by the centers, mark attendance, see assessment details, verify his employment details, etc.

With our wide experience of working with three different Skill Development Missions from 2017-18, we improved our system in such a way that users of the system will get maximum output at lessor efforts, Departments will get all required information on fingertips and the same time transparency, robustness and quality is ensured for Skill Development Mission.

Services we can provide to Skill Development Missions:

  1. Commissioning of SDMMS
  2. Customisation of the modules in the boundaries of the scope of the modules, Maintenance and Support
  3. Enhancements in the SDMMS as per the requirements of Skill Development Mission

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