1.Candidate Registration :

Candidate can register themselves in portal through three different modes namely Open pool, Department pool and Training Center pool.

  • Training Center (TC) Pool: Candidate visits Training Center in which he/she wants to take admission and TC collects all the details of the candidate.TC then register the candidate in the portal by entering all the candidate details.
    Training Center (TC) Pool
    • Department Pool: Candidate visits a department and provides all details to the department. Department registers candidate in the portal.
      Department Pool
    • Open Pool: Candidate visits online public portal and register themselves by providing all the details by themselves.
      Open Pool
  1. Candidate Registration is Aadhaar based as mandated by NSDC/SSC for deduplication check.
  2. After registration through any of the above mode a unique Learner Id is generated and informed to concern Training Center & Candidate.
  3. At the time of registration, candidate can give preferences of courses he/she wants to pursue. Candidate can take admission for only 1 course and for taking registration in other course he/she has to wait for cooling period as mandated by department/government entity.
  4. Candidate Dashboard:
    • Each registered candidate is provided with individual login on the portal.
    • Candidates are informed about his/her login credential through SMS and email.
    • Candidate dashboard has details of candidate profile, attendance, courses, assessment details and placement details and discrepancy reports, if any
  5. First level verification of candidate profile happens at source at the time of registration.
  6. MIS: MIS is provided to Key stakeholders to track all stages of candidate’s life cycle.
  7. Communication: Smooth communication through SMS and Email Notifications of upcoming and ongoing training programs through system.
  8. Attendance System: Aadhaar enabled Biometric attendance of trainees.
  9. Payment to Trainees

Candidate module in integral part of our system and can be deployed within very short span of time.

Customization/Development required for following points shall be taken care of by us in development period:

  1. Consolidation of Aadhaar based Candidates using respective authorities and Employment & Training department
  2. Candidate Dashboard customization
  3. Feedback and Rating for Trainees